Lead360: The Leader Within - APhA2020 - National Harbor, MD

This offering will take place at APhA2020 in National Harbor on Thursday, March 19, 2020, from 8:00am - 6:00pm.

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Activity Preview

Lead360: The Leader Within empowers pharmacists to take a purposeful approach to their professional and personal lives. This introspective experience helps participants discover and clarify the personal values, interests, strengths, and needs which inform, support and direct their personal and career goals. This self-discovery fuels individuals to lead from where they stand and take a “player” mindset in their lives.

The Leader Within is a live, in-person experience where participants will learn, connect, and share with a small group of peers. There will be at least one facilitator for every 12 people, providing for a more personalized experience. At the end of the day, participants will:

  • Demonstrate what motivates them to be a leader.
  • Identify and leverage their personal leadership strengths and how to address their weaknesses.
  • Recognize the importance of meeting their personal needs and following their interests to promote grit and resilience.

Participants will be more self-aware and be able to apply what they have learned to better align personal values, interests, strengths and needs with those of the organizations and teams they are part of (e.g. work, professional organizations, family, community groups).

Activity Type: Application-based
Target Audience: Pharmacists in all practice settings
Learning Level: Level 2

Learning Objectives

Upon completing each session, the participant will be able to:

Session 1: What Makes a Leader?

  1. List the themes of PLEI's Leadership Framework
  2. Distinguish "leadership" from "management."
  3. Discuss the role of "vision" in leadership, and how it can be expanded.
  4. Identify two common leadership traps.
  5. Describe the payoffs and costs of being a "victim" (vs. a "player").
  6. Discuss the benefits of a "whole person approach" to leadership.
  7. Compare the Leader Within, Leader Behind, and Leader In front types of leadership.

Session 2: Strengths & Flow: Leveraging your natural tendencies

  1. Describe the impact that (mis)matching tasks and strengths can have on individuals and groups.
  2. Discuss the idea of "flow" and its application to selecting pursuits and delegating tasks.
  3. Identify their personal strengths and describe strategies for leveraging their strengths and addressing their weaknesses.
  4. List complementary strengths required for high-performing teams.

Session 3: Interests, Enjoyment & Resiliency

  1. Compare common ideas about being a leader with the work of leadership.
  2. Identify leadership challenges that have the potential to be demotivating.
  3. Discuss the human tendency to collapse subjective interpretations onto objective facts and describe the effect this tendency can have on motivation.
  4. Discuss a leader devoid of self-motivation and the potential consequences.
  5. Discover their personal core elements of enjoyment and leverage them as sources of resiliency to sustain their leadership pursuits.

Session 4: Core Values & Priorities: Your guide to meaning and purpose

  1. Identify the activities that consume a majority of their time.
  2. List their personal core values.
  3. Describe the degree to which each of their activities enables the expression of their values.
  4. Apply their core values to facilitate their selection of activities.
  5. the role of a leader in helping followers identify areas of alignment between their personal core values and organizational goals and priorities.

Session 5: Meeting Personal Needs to Facilitate Active Engagement

  1. Explain why people do not always fully engage in an activity that is well-aligned with their values, interests, and strengths.
  2. List at least three personal needs that are unrelated to their values, interests, and strengths.
  3. Identify common unmet needs and strategies for addressing them.
  4. Discuss the importance and role of organizations and leaders in identifying and addressing the personal needs of their members.

Session 6: Aligning Organization Participation with Personal Values, Interests, Strengths and Needs

  1. Assess how well their major time consuming activities align with their personal values, interests, strengths and needs.
  2. Identify opportunities for increasing engagement, performance and personal fulfillment by fostering greater alignment.
  3. Identify common causes for spending time on activities that poorly align with their values, interests, strengths and needs.
  4. Describe strategies for avoiding activities with poor alignment.

Accreditation Information 


The American Pharmacists Association is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) as a provider of continuing pharmacy education (CPE). Lead360: The Leader Within is approved for 9 contact hours of CPE credit (0.9 CEUs). The ACPE Universal Activity Number for this activity is 0202-0000-17-226-L04-P.

To obtain credit for attending Lead360: The Leader Within, participants must fully attend the live activity, complete an evaluation, and CLAIM credit. Attendance codes and detailed instructions of how to claim credit will be provided onsite at the end of the sessions. Participants will need to have a valid pharmacist.com username and password to claim credit. Please visit CPE monitor for your transcript of CPE. 

Initial Release Date: March 15, 2018
Expiration Date: September 29, 2020 - PLEASE NOTE:  Live Credit can only be granted within 60 days from the day of the seminar attended per ACPE policy.


Lead360: The Leader Within is a live continuing education activity for pharmacists developed by the American Pharmacists Association in partnership with the Pharmacy Leadership & Education Institute.


Nancy Alvarez with flags

Nancy A. Alvarez, PharmD, BCPS, FAPhA, is an established national leader in pharmacy. She is the associate dean for the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy - Phoenix and an associate professor for the Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science. Dr. Alvarez facilitates learning on leader development topics and is engaged in the Leader Development Institute for the California Pharmacists Association and the Pharmacy Leadership and Education Institute. She has teaching interests in pain management and palliative care. Dr. Alvarez is a 1992 graduate of the UA College of Pharmacy and is a board‐certified pharmacotherapy specialist. Prior to joining the UA College of Pharmacy, Dr. Alvarez was an assistant professor of pharmacy practice at Chapman University School of Pharmacy in Irvine, Calif. She also maintained a community pharmacy practice and a hospice/palliative care practice at other points in her career. Dr. Alvarez has completed diverse service experiences. She is a former Phi Lambda Sigma national president, Phi Delta Chi grand vice president for collegiate affairs and Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Certification Council member and chair. Also active in the American Pharmacists Association, she was the 162nd president, a national member‐at‐large and a board of trustees member for two terms. She participates in leader development for the Pharmacy Leadership and Education Institute as a facilitator, content developer and program director. She was named an APhA Fellow in 2004.

michael negrete

Michael Negrete, PharmD is assistant academic vice president at Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, CA. Previously, he served as vice president for clinical & educational affairs for the California Pharmacists Association (2012-2013) and chief executive officer for Pharmacy Foundation of California (2006-2011). Michael received the Prescott Pharmacy Leadership Award in 2006. He led the effort for the Leader-Development Institute offered by CPhA and APhA’s Lead360 leadership curriculum.


APhA’s editorial staff declares no conflicts of interest or financial interests in any product or service mentioned in this activity, including grants, employment, gifts, stock holdings, and honoraria. For a complete list of APhA staff disclosures, please visit the APhA website at www.pharmacist.com/apha-disclosures.  All speaker disclosures will be made available at the sessions. 

Conflicts of interest have been resolved through content review by Helen Sairany, PharmD, BCACP, Director of Content Development at the American Pharmacists Association.

System Requirements

Computer and internet access are required to complete this activity.  Please visit our website to view the System Requirements to have a positive learning experience.