APhA's Licensed Partner Coordinators

This page is dedicated to our Coordinators who manage the APhA Advanced Training programs in their Organizations. When an organization signs a license agreement, that organization has a Primary Coordinator which works with APhA and also has the tools to manage the program. This page is to serve as an FAQ for Coordinators.

Where Do I Find My Admin Dashboard?

You can schedule your programs, look up your enrollment/attendance codes, pull reports on your Admin Dashboard. If you are a coordinator, you have an Admin Dashboard.

  • Log in at APhA's Website
  • Go to Continuing Education, My Training
  • Left Click on your name found UNDER the words Advocacy / Get Involved
  • Click Admin Dashboard

A quick tutorial for the Admin Dashboard is located in your Coordinator Kit under your Enrollments on your My Training page

APhA2019 Faculty Training Registration - OPEN

Do You Need Any Additional Faculty? APhA licensed partners have the opportunity to send potential faculty to the respective APhA-hosted Faculty Training being held at the APhA Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA. Take advantage of this opportunity to replenish or to add to your Faculty Training pool.
  • Immunization Faculty Training - Saturday, March 23rd - 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Cardio Faculty Training - Sunday, March 24th - 7:00 am - 8:30 am
  • MTM Faculty Training - Sunday, March 24th - 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
  • Diabetes Faculty Training - Sunday, March 24th - 3:15 pm - 5:15 pm
Please click links below for more information
Please note, your pharmacists are only eligible to participate in the programs for which you have a current licensing agreement. If you are interested in licensing an additional program, please let me know.
  • Instructions for Registration for each of the Faculty Training classes are found on each of the respective Coordinator Kits under Notes from APhA. You can have potential faculty register if your organization has a license agreement for that program
  • Give instructions to all potential faculty - do not need to run by APhA
  • Price is $250 for each class which includes materials and a Letter of Agreement they can print after the class. Registrants will be able to register and pay for Faculty Training through their APhA profile. (They are NOT to create a separate APhA profile for this training!)
  • Prior completion of the appropriate certificate training program is required. If your faculty needs to attend, all of the certificate training programs are being offered concurrently on Friday, March 22nd. Instructions to register are on same handout as Faculty Training registration, for the registration of the CTPs.
  • Participants will be required to complete online activity and submit a current CV to their APhA Profile
  • All potential faculty who contact APhA will be referred back to the coordinator to receive the instructions and “approval” for participation.
  • Each person is required to enter credit card information in order to register. This can be done using a company card or the person can be reimbursed if that’s agreed upon. APhA is unable to accept checks as payment.
  • If a person, other than the Registrant, will be entering the company card information, please have the Registrant log into their APhA profile for the card to be entered. No new profile should be created, as this could affect the validity of the registration.

Coordinator Change?

Should your organization have a change in Primary or Back up Coordinators, or a change of Invoice Contact there is a Coordinator Change form in the Coordinator Kit.

If that is not available, please reach out to education@aphanet.org and your request will be forwarded to the correct APhA staff member.

Coordinator Kit

Once logged into APhA's website, in your My Training, there will be a kit for each respective Advanced Training Program in which the coordinator manages. The Kit provides the coordinator the following, but not limited to:

  • APhA-hosted Faculty Training registration instructions – when applicable
  • Coordinator Guide and Program Logistics Supplement
  • Quick Tutorial of Admin Dashboard
  • Learner Experience Guide
  • Communication and Instruction templates for redemption of codes
  • Marketing materials
  • Pulling Report Instructions in preparation of APhA invoicing
  • Meeting Preparation and Live Seminar Materials for Faculty

Need Faculty Training?

  • APhA hosts faculty training at our Annual Meeting held in the Spring of each year. These trainings are open to all our licensed partners. Directions are provided in the respective Coordinator Kit once registration is open.
  • If a licensed partner wants National Faculty to come to their organization and conduct training, there is a Faculty Training request form located in the Coordinator Kit found in My Training.