Reissue / Reprint of Certificate

How Do I Request My Certificate to be Reissued?

Where is My Reissued Certificate?

  • Once request is processed, the reissued certificate will be uploaded to your APhA profile / account, and you will receive an email from APhA's InfoCenter.
  • If you have already submitted the request, and it has been over two weeks, please login and click on My Account, click on Biography & Attachments where you should find your certificate. If you do not, contact APhA's InfoCenter.

How Do I Reprint My Certificate?

  • Course Completed 2013 or After? You are able to print your Certificate of Achievement from your My Training page.
    1. Left Click on your name found UNDER the words Advocacy / Get Involved
    2. Click My Account
    3. Select the tab Transcript
    4. Select the tab Credits Earned
    5. Click the Print icon

  • Not There? - This may indicate either:
    • Course was completed BEFORE 2013
    • You have more than one APhA profile / account. If two or more accounts are possible, please contact APhA's InfoCenter.