National Provider Identifier (NPI)

As the role of the pharmacist as a healthcare provider evolves, connecting a practitioner’s education and training to their primary practice site will enable entities to verify practice eligibility to provide specific services.

Do Not Want to Provide? This may impact APhA's ability to link your education and training to your primary practice site for verification of training of specific services.

APhA is asking for your Primary Practice NPI and/or an Individual NPI. Accuracy is crucial! This number may be used to verify continuing education completion by employers.

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Choose the Primary Practice Address that issues your paycheck.
Enter each Primary Practice NPI, separating each by a comma. (Example: 1234567890, 9876543210)
  • Enter Individual NPI
  • If you are entering a Primary Practice Address(es) as described above, include your Individual NPI, separating each NPI with a comma. (Example: 1234567890,0987654321)
Enter 10 zeros. This includes Students who are NOT working.
Accuracy is crucial!

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