Obtaining CPE Credit / CE Broker

Each ACPE-Accredited organization, such as APhA, is required to file a learner's successfully completed activity to CPE Monitor. APhA does this through the Claim button after every ACPE-accredited activity. If the learner does not click the claim button, then their CPE does not get passed to CPE Monitor. If you have any questions, please email education@aphanet.org.

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Many APhA Education acitivies do not require an APhA membership. However, you have to be logged into APhA's website to enroll into any course.
You have an account if any of the following apply:
  • You have been an APhA student member and/or an APhA member in the past
  • Completed any APhA education course
  • Receive any APhA publications, such as Pharmacy Today

It is strongly encouraged that you do not create multiple accounts, as your APhA profile has your record of CPE that you have earned through the years. This could impact any verification that your employer or you may want in the future.

If you have forgot your username or the email address on your previous account, contact APhA's InfoCenter or call 800.237.2742. Mention that you may need to update the email address on your account.

  • Create a CPE Monitor account and obtain a NABP ID Number NABP.net/CPE Monitor
  • Create an APhA profile (if you do not have one already).
  • CLAIM credit for any completed activity. You can submit the resulting Transcript of CPE to your respective board.
Yes - The action of CLAIMing credit, also updates your APhA profile with your completion. This impacts future verification of completion to employers, as well as, any future request for a certificate to be reissued.
  • Create a CPE Monitor account and obtain a NABP ID Number NABP.net/CPE Monitor
  • IMPORTANT: Only select CPE Monitor for the reason for the NABP Id number, at this time, unless your instructor tells you otherwise. This NABP Id is yours for the rest of your career.
  • CLAIM credit for any completed activity.
  • If your instructor wants a transcript of CPE (not a certificate), you can print this from your CPE Monitor account at NABP.net/CPE Monitor
When you CLAIM your credit after each learning activity, your credit hours are immediately passed over to CPE Monitor.

  • CPE Monitor uploads to individual accounts three times a day.
  • Transcripts of CPE are available on your CPE Monitor account, at the most, 12 hours from the time the credit is claimed.
  • To log into your CPE Monitor account, go to NAPB.net/CPE Monitor
  • If your FL pharmacist license number is notated on your APhA profile/online account, APhA transfers data to the Florida CE Broker system twice a month, .
  • To verify if APhA has your FL license number, log into APhA's Website and click My Account at the top of home page and check under License Information.
  • Still have questions about where your CPE is located? Contact Education - CE Broker Question