15th IVPN-AR Current Best Practices & Future Directions: Multiple Sclerosis After 2021

15th IVPN-AR: Multiple Sclerosis

Activity Preview

Multiple sclerosis is one of the most disabling neurological disorders and has a significant impact on the lives of young adults, the age group that is most affected. The medical approach has changed from disease-oriented to patient-centred as a result of the patients' need to be involved in the decision making process and the opportunity to better tailor treatment based on the disease activity This seminar aims to highlight the context of the current challenges faced by people affected by MS in accessing health and social care.


  1. Evaluate the factors that can contribute to MS exacerbations or relapses
  2. Understand how immunosuppression affects infection risk in patients with MS
  3. Describe the different roles of MS pharmacist

Target Audience

This session is appropriate for pharmacists, physicians and nurses, academicians, supply chain managers, regulatory affairs specialists. 

Accreditation Information


The American Pharmacists Association is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education as a provider of continuing pharmacy education. The ACPE Universal Activity Numbers (UAN) for this activity are listed below.

  • Strategies for Disease Modification: Escalation versus Aggressive Treatment Algorithms - 0202-0000-21-184-L01-P
  • Pharmacological Management of Progressive MS - 0202-0000-21-185-L04-P
  • When Is It Appropriate to Discontinue Disease-Modifying Therapies? - 0202-0000-21-186-L04-P
  • The Role of the MS Pharmacist and Multidisciplinary Team - 0202-0000-21-187-L04-P
  • Impact of the Environment and Lifestyle on the MS Risk and Clinical Activity - 0202-0000-21-188-L04-P
  • Infection and MS: Long-term Immunosuppression Benefits and Risks of Immunizations - 0202-0000-21-189-L06-P
  • NMO Spectrum Disorders: Pathogenesis and Available Treatment Options - 0202-0000-21-190-L01-P
  • Optimizing Treatment Experience in People with MS (QOL) - 0202-0000-21-191-L04-P